The Classroom-Ecosystem Explorer (CEE) is an online application designed to help teachers create engaging, effective instruction for K-3 science.

Through video and other materials developed in classrooms, on the playground, and in teacher meeting rooms, CEE gives an in-depth look at the Classroom-Ecosystem Approach, which views the learning environment as a dynamic ecosystem made up of interdependent components. CEE goes behind the scenes of teachers’ practice to explore how the components of teaching and learning can be maximized to engage children’s natural curiosity, challenge children and teachers to think critically and creatively, and integrate assessment to help ensure every student gains a rich understanding of science.

Created at UCLA Lab School and further developed at Para Los Niños Charter Elementary School in Los Angeles, this approach combines current research with years of practical experience and has proven effective with diverse populations of students.

Features of the Approach
  • Views the classroom as a dynamic, adaptable ecosystem
  • Highly effective for differentiating instruction
  • Engages and empowers both teachers and students
  • Includes built-in means of assessment
  • No special classroom supplies or equipment needed
  • Aligned with state and national curriculum standards